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Starting an eBay store with ten listings is straightforward. But dealing with thousands of listings is an entirely different ballgame, and you may benefit from specialist help to source and prepare the data for the eBay marketplace.

Getting your data ready for eBay involves a number of things. Your listings need to:

  • Be in an eBay-friendly format and in the relevant eBay categories
  • Stay compliant with current and future eBay mandates
  • Have optimised Item Specifics to ensure search visibility

If your listings aren't optimised for eBay, they may have poor search visibility. Also if they do not comply with current and future eBay mandates, they may be demoted.

Optiseller can provide you with:

  • Assistance with data sourcing and preparation
  • Guidance on the key elements of the data that will help drive sales
  • Categorisation of your listings for eBay in the most optimal category
  • Product data optimisation with the addition of important attributes that are key to maximising sales, driven by buyer demand
  • Description templates in HTML format designed specifically for eBay and have a track record of being buyer-friendly
  • Data returned in a format that is ready for upload to eBay or to import to your channel management tool.


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On average, our users report a reduction in implementation time from 10-12 weeks to just 4 weeks and a saving of £10k


Additionally, Optiseller tools such as the Growth Dashboard and Aspect Finder+ will help you keep on top of all the key drivers for sales and compliance with current and future eBay mandates.


This is what our customers say about our solutions:

"Optiseller has given Carmarthen Cameras great insight into how to optimise eBay listings, not only improving current listings, but also preventing future work from having insufficient details. Since implementing the Optiseller recommended changes, we have seen a 26% improvement in turnover this month to the next and a 42% improvement year on year."
Carmarthen Camera Centre
"Aspect Finder+ is a fantastic tool. The new items sold/quantity column is a great addition, and we find the eBay category lookup tool particularly useful for populating our Item Specifics using Volo. In the first two months of using the tool we noticed that around 100 listings we optimised sold more in 8 weeks than in the 12 previous months."
DIY Car Service Parts
“Once we added Item Specifics to our eBay store, our sales increased 9 times. We now try to have as many Item Specifics as we can, starting with the most important ones in each category, but with the goal of being as extensive as we possibly can. We sell thousands of products across hundreds of categories, so Item Specifics vary a lot, but using Item Specifics has definitely contributed to our continued growth.”

Start your eBay seller journey in the best possible way with Optiseller's data optimisation.
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