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New Year, new Item Specifics

On 22 February, eBay will require new Item Specifics for listings in several categories. Make sure your listings are ready for the new mandate.

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The new requirements will affect all new and revised listings in the Men's & Women's Fashion, Health & Beauty, Baby & Kids, Business, Office & Industrial, Home & Garden, Musical Instruments and Sporting Goods Categories.

You will be forced to add the new Item Specifics for new listings or when you revise existing listings, so we recommend that you get the task done as soon as possible, preferably before the 22 February deadline.

We appreciate adding item specifics can be a time consuming task however the easiest way to implement the changes is to use Aspect Finder+, a tool specifically designed to help eBay sellers manage and update their Item Specifics.

Aspect Finder+ will scan ALL your eBay listings and identify poor quality listings, policy breaches, find possible item specific values and other issues that impact your visibility on the eBay marketplace and help you optimise your listings – all in a matter of minutes!

And, if you are an eBay seller, you can access Optiseller’s Aspect Finder+ tool for FREE until 30 June 2021.


What eBay sellers are saying about Aspect Finder+

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"We had been updating our Item Specifics in eBay but Optiseller has really helped us to speed up that process. Being able to use Aspect Finder+ on our listings, download the information and then upload it to Linnworks has been a great help. The Category Lookup tool is fantastic and has saved us a lot of time when selecting correct values for eBay. It is a simple and easy tool to use and the support they provide is outstanding."
DJ Lingerie

"Using Optiseller allowed us to quickly identify and update all required Item Specifics for all of our listings. The support from Optiseller was great. The tool was simple to use, and the ability to download a CSV file directly for uploading to file exchange made it very easy to update in bulk. This has had a positive increase in sales for us, as listings are now appearing higher in eBay's search engine. I am now keen to establish other tools offered by Optiseller that we can utilise to our advantage."

"Optiseller has given Carmarthen Cameras great insight into how to optimise eBay listings, not only improving current listings, but also preventing future work from having insufficient details. Since implementing the Optiseller recommended changes, we have seen a 26% improvement in turnover this month to the next and a 42% improvement year on year."
Carmarthen Camera Centre

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