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Webinar with DIT on How to sell more on eBay using eBay SEO

By a contributor   
April 12, 2021

On the 31st of March, we co-hosted our second webinar with the Department for International Trade. Our head of partnerships, Ashley Maroney, gave a rundown of how to sell more on eBay with the use of eBay SEO. 

The surge in e-commerce sales over the last year and increase in competitors has meant the quality of listings is what stands between you and a sale. eBay SEO can help you ensure your listings are up to scratch, meaning you are more likely to be seen and trusted by prospective buyers.

We hope you enjoy this webinar and are motivated to get working on your store and listings.

Thanks to everyone who attended and to DIT for the opportunity.

Check out our first co-hosted webinar here.

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