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eBay announces ‘Small Business Power Campaign’ for the UK amidst ‘Pandemic Startup’ boom

By a contributor   
July 26, 2021

The pandemic and looking forward

After an unprecedented 2020 and a year of economic turmoil, there have been winners and losers in the UK market. While e-commerce was already growing fast, the pandemic only accelerated the rapid development of sellers online.

eBay has identified that there were over 100,000 new ‘pandemic startups’ formed in 2020 during the height of UK lockdown. These businesses have sold over 72 million items across listings to the 29 million eBay shoppers who use the platform every day, so they’ve benefited hugely from the change in shopping habits.

To 2021 and beyond

Now we are halfway through 2021, and small businesses across the UK are beginning to plan for the future in the wake of easing lockdown restrictions, eBay is planning to help these new startups grow and develop beyond the pandemic.

To do so, eBay has just launched the Small Business Power Campaign. The new package as part of the campaign contains benefits for sellers and buyers alike, including: 

  • Several new seller offers, such as fee and listing cost reductions. 
  • Discounts for eBay shoppers to encourage purchases from small businesses.
  • Investment in training schemes to train and enable sellers to make the most of the platform.
  • Increased marketing for small business sellers across TV, social, print, and online media.

As an example, there was a promotion offering 20% off purchases over £9.99 from small businesses on eBay.

The power of small businesses

At Optiseller we are delighted to see eBay supporting small businesses during the global pandemic, and further into the recovery period. We have also seen first-hand the success of small businesses that embrace the leap into e-commerce.

A great example of the incredible results of our customers have seen in the last year is Got the Lot: they achieved a 65% increase in total sales as well as a 46% growth in the number of Top 20 search impressions – in just three months.

Your small business has the potential to experience similar growth. Sign up for our FREE trial today and see for yourself how Optiseller can help you sell more.

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