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Harness the marketplace opportunity

Desirability and profitability in a brand

Brand Performance

Data and tools to jump start a new sales channel.

We help brands assess the marketplace opportunity by analysing product coverage and competitor performance, in a way that enables them to monitor, control and respond to brand challenges. We can also help brands track own brand on eCommerce channels, overlaying their retail data, enabling them to manage performance and protect brand.

Transform data
If you're already selling online the chances are your data is in good shape for eCommerce. But there are different requirements for selling on marketplaces, especially in different categories. Reworking your data can be a challenging manual task. We can automate that process so you can get products listed quickly.
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Optimise listings
It's not just a case of transforming your data for marketplaces. You need to optimise your data – from titles and descriptions, to item specifics and compatibility.
With Optiseller, you have access to the tools and best practices that enrich data to give you the best chance of success.
Track performance
Key to growing on marketplaces is understanding how well your listings are performing. Our Store Performance Dashboard gives you a detailed view of all the key metrics and trends – like hits and conversion.
You'll also see where the gaps lie so you can prioritise where and how to focus your efforts.
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Data consolidation
As the number of online and offline channels you're selling on increases, it can be tricky to get a complete view of how you're performing. We can help.
Our dashboard gives you a single view of sales across all your sales channels, so you truly have your finger on the pulse.
Brand protection
Whether you're selling indirect through retailers or direct, or a combination of both, you'll want to protect the investment you continue to make in your brand. By ensuring your product data is correct, consistent and optimised across all channels, you can be confident your products are being represented correctly.
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