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Access our free eBay category tool, have a look at how you can improve individual listings, and keep up to date with eBay's Item Specifics mandates.

If you're selling on eBay, the key to growth is understanding performance and areas for improvement. Having an optimised view of your marketplace data helps to make the right decisions for your business.

eBay have recently highlighted the importance of Item Specifics, and have shown evidence that completing these can increase sales by up to 80%.

The free plan allows you to review over 20 KPIs related to item specifics, shipping, and more on a listing by listing basis.

eBay are also currently subsidising the use of the Aspect Finder tool for free, which helps you keep ahead of the game with the eBay mandates.

Our starter plan offer these tools but also a dashboard that lets you review and monitor the KPIs for your entire store. Essential and Ultimate offer tools to tackle areas for improvement in more detail if you are ready to take the action and see the benefits.

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Sign up
After sign up, you will be directed to the plan you have subscribed to.
Connect store
Connect store
Once subscribed, you will be asked to create, or connect to a suitable data source.
Download report
Download report
The data or reports are prepared.
Update listings
Update listings
Access your reports, update your listings and send changes to eBay.
  • Get feedback on individual listings
  • Ensure you're listing in the right categories
  • See if your listings are eligible for eBay deals
  • Identify gaps and suggestions in your item specifics
  •   Single Listings Review
  •   Category Lookup
  •   Promotion Checker
  •   Aspect Finder for mandates
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