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Use Optiseller to update item specifics on your Fashion, Home & Garden, Jewellery and Toys & Games listings for FREE, courtesy of eBay UK.

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eBay are continually reviewing mandated item specifics, and without these, you run the risk of your listings being blocked or being charged upgrade fees. The chances are you already have a lot of the information in your listings.

Our Aspect Finder tool will scan your listings, identify which ones are missing values and make recommendations to optimise your listings.

Based on average sales in the Furniture category on eBay UK from May 2019 to June 2019, Furniture listings with size item specific filled in sell 56% better than those without. In women's dresses, it was 81%.

Optiseller can process any aspects within any category on any eBay site, and can provide this data in bespoke formats or via feed/api.

So how does it work? Well, there are four easy steps:

  • 1Sign up to Optiseller
  • 2Connect to your eBay store
  • 3Download the report
  • 4Update your listings on eBay.
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