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Vehicle Parts & Accessories
The world of selling vehicle parts and accessories – especially on eBay – continues to boom. With demand increasing across a wider range of vehicles and manufacturers, you can't afford to miss out on sales opportunities.

It all starts with your data. The better your data is, the better your chance of success.

Whether you're selling Ford car headlights or KTM brake discs, you need buyers to find your listings.

Seems obvious, but it's vital you have all the right information for your products – that includes title, product description, parts compatibility, item specifics and more. This will have a huge influence not just on your search rankings, but also on sales conversion.

"But I'm selling [hundreds/thousands/millions] of items though. Where do I start?" we hear you say… Fear not. We'll point you in the right direction, saving you time, money and effort.

Our P&A Plan will make sure you focus on the areas that will have the biggest impact. You'll be able to see where your store is performing well and where the gaps lie. You’ll also be able to quickly update your listings with any missing parts compatibility information.

Parts & Accessories Plan (UK)


*Cost per month. Cancel anytime

You can:
  • Monitor and improve your store's performance
  • Run unlimited parts compatibility checks for 2 and 4 wheel vehicles
  • Get feedback on individual listings
  • Ensure you're listing in the right categories
  • See if your listings are eligible for eBay deals
Plan includes:
  • eBay Store Performance Dashboard
  • Car Parts Compatibility Finder (eBay UK)
  • Motorcycle Parts Compatibility Finder (eBay UK)
  • Single Listing Review
  • Category Lookup
  • Promotion Checker
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What is Optiseller?

Optiseller is an ecommerce data analytics platform. It is used by online retailers, brands and manufacturers to improve the distribution and quality of data used to list and sell products across multiple online channels.

  • Keep on top of your store performance
  • Avoid duplicate listings
  • Improve listings with item specifics
  • List products with correct GTINs
  • Ensure parts are compatible with the right vehicles