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Optiseller now provides access to TecDoc, the world’s leading vehicle and replacement parts catalogue

TecDoc Data includes:
Product Attributes, Fitment Notes, Imagery and Ktypes.


This powerful solution enables the precise identification of your P&A inventory, providing access to current and comprehensive data which includes Product Attributes, Fitment Notes, Imagery and K-type. Whether for search or as a basis for your own store, TecDoc Catalogue offers the right solution to meet your needs and the data is available in a uniform high-quality format.

Our process keeps your workload to a minimum, simply supply Optiseller with a list of parts and we will supply you with a complete formatted dataset, tailored to your back-office requirements.

To gain access to this data, an annual TecDoc license is required which entitles you to 5,000 products worth of data. Additional batches of 10,000 products can be purchased.

The license cost is £600 per annum, and additional product batches are £480.

You can also find out more by reading our help article