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Item specifics tell buyers what you're selling, are crucial to your search visibility and sales, and are required by eBay in different categories. Optiseller's Aspect Finder+ tool can help - and you can use it for free.

eBay require key item specifics in a number of different categories. Without this information, you won't be able to publish new, manually relisted or revised listings.

Buyers' increasing use of search filters means that adding the right Item Specifics can provide a major boost to sales – using the tool is a free way to help your business grow.

Aspect Finder+ scans your listings to identify any that are missing important item specifics. You might already have this information stored in other parts of your listing. Aspect Finder+ will retrieve it for you to save you time when updating your listings.

Aspect Finder+ can process item specifics in any category, on any eBay site, and can summarise this data in a CSV file. You'll be able to download this file to use with File Exchange, or your third-party integration partner.

Aspect Finder+ improves your item specifics. It enables sellers to meet eBay standards in categories where item specifics are mandated. The tool also works with categories that have no mandated Item Specifics. In these categories you do not HAVE to add and improve specifics, but it is highly recommended to increase views of your items, and sales.

Importance of Item Specifics

Q&A What are the new eBay Mandates?

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"I've never been a fan of data, but when I saw small changes start to deliver results, I was hooked. The Optiseller team have transformed my mindset in selling on eBay, and virtually all our numbers and stats are on an upward trajectory. Now I know I'm using my time in the best way possible: with Optiseller,it doesn't matter what I work on, it always works!"

Got the Lot achieved a 65% increase in total sales, plus:

46% growth in the number of Top 20 search slot impressions (“Best Match“ results)

102% rise in organic sales (71% of total sales)

135% surge in the number of external site views

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