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Does this sound familiar?
  • You have hundreds, or even thousands, of listed products that aren't selling.
  • You spend hours each month manually updating your eBay listings, based on a hunch.
  • You're not sure why your listings aren't optimised but you want them to be.
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Discover buyer demand data, top suggested listing categories, competitor data and more!

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Identify missing item specifics, get useful insights on your listings and discover compatibility for parts & accessories.

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Identify your duplicate listings and Unsold Items to ensure you are eBay compliant.

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Discover your listings' KPIs, compare with GS1 and review analytics to help boost your sales.


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If you're selling on eBay, you need to take Item Specifics seriously.
55% of eBay searches include an aspect/Item Specific or some level of filtering.

Source: eBay Connect 2020

Aspect Finder+

With Optiseller's Aspect Finder+ tool, you will be able to:

Identify missing item specifics
Aspect Finder+ scans your listings to identify any that are missing important item specifics. You might already have this information stored in other parts of your listing. Aspect Finder+ will retrieve it for you to save you time when updating your listings.

Process any category
Aspect Finder+ can process item specifics in any category, on any eBay site, and can summarise this data in a CSV file. You'll be able to download this file to use with File Exchange, or your third-party integration partner.

Meeting eBay standards
Aspect Finder+ improves your item specifics. It enables sellers to meet eBay standards in categories where item specifics are mandated. The tool also works with categories that have no mandated Item Specifics. In these categories you do not HAVE to add and improve specifics, but it is highly recommended to increase views of your items, and sales.

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