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Looking for eBay's Parts Compatibility Tool?
Image identifying different vehicle parts
The standalone Parts Compatibility Tool from eBay is no longer available.
But fear not, we at Optiseller (who powered the tool) have continued to work on enhancing it as part of our Parts & Accessories Plan.
The plan provides vehicle parts compatibility for both cars and motorcycles and our eBay Store Performance Dashboard. So not only can you make sure you have your compatibility sorted, you can also keep track of your sales performance and identify other areas to improve your listings.
There are differences in how the new tool works, so we've put together a few help articles to explain how we source and provide the data.
To sign up for our new P&A plan or for more info:
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What is Optiseller?

Optiseller is an ecommerce data analytics platform. It is used by online retailers, brands and manufacturers to improve the distribution and quality of data used to list and sell products across multiple online channels.

  • Keep on top of your store performance
  • Avoid duplicate listings
  • Improve listings with item specifics
  • List products with correct GTINs
  • Ensure parts are compatible with the right vehicles