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TecDoc Terms & Conditions

TecDoc Terms & Conditions


The information provided by Optiseller is merely advisory and not binding for Developing IT Ltd T/A Optiseller nor eBay in any way. The user of this data is responsible for the accuracy of the fitment compatibility information on her/his listings published on eBay sites selected.

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Full T&C's

The Data User is committed to listing at least the brand name of the manufacturer, the article number and all potential product limitations for each article, or to make this information available in a simple way, in a direct connection to the article information.

The Data User is exclusively entitled to the usage of the data for new parts, refurbished parts or replacement parts. Reprocessed parts and replacement parts are reprocessed used parts that are marked by a trademark or the brand name of the reprocesser and do not significantly deviate from new parts in terms of their quality standard, function or durability. It shall be impermissible to use the data for used parts, i.e. parts reused without having been reworked by the authorised trademark holder, insofar as these parts still bear the symbol of the car manufacturer or original parts manufacturer.

If supplementary information from a provider is shown, such as, for example, links to motor vehicle manufacturer numbers, technical information, installation information, specified dimensions etc., the Data User is obliged to duplicate and distribute this information exclusively in connection with the article of the parts manufacturer.

Graphics, which have been made available to the Data User within the framework of this contract, can only be used in connection with the manufacturers to whom these graphics have originally been assigned. Insofar as Data Suppliers have provided cross-references to vehicle manufacturer numbers or to competitor products, these shall be passed on only in the same allocation as when supplied.

The Data User is prohibited from connecting the data to cross references which are not already contained within the TecDoc data. Nor shall TecDoc data be used for the marketing of original spare parts from the automobile industry. Only parts bearing the vehicle manufacturer's trademark and distributed exclusively via the vehicle manufacturer concerned, or its network of appointed distributors, shall be deemed to be original spare parts from the automobile industry.

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