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Optiseller Lite (Free browser extension) New
Manage Active Listings

Provides title, aspect and price suggestions as well as providing OptiRating feedback to quickly identify the listings that need improvement.

Manage Stale Listings

Delist stale listings or review, fix & relist with recommended aspect values.

Create Listing Wizard

Create new listings smoothly giving you peace of mind knowing your listing is optimised from the start.

Listing Checker (Free browser extension) New
Listing Checker

Perform checks on any live eBay listing and harness the power of our OptiRating listing score system

Market Research
Product Suggester

This tool provides insight into existing listings on the same product (or similar) & provides valuable data on the top 10 ranked listings including competitor title, title length, price & the category they're listed in.

Category Lookup

This tool let's you search for secondary categories, see item specifics needed per category together with buyer demand data.

Category Suggester

This tool allows you to search item keywords to get a view of the top suggested listing categories with an eBay data confidence rating.

eBay Competitor Performance Dashboard

This tool allows you to select a competitor and provides the same information that is in your own dashboard; allowing you to see what’s working for them and get one step ahead.

Aspect Finder+

Identifies missing item specifics, process any category and meet eBay standards in categories where item specifics are mandated.

Single Listing Review
Gives insight at an individual listing level, showing areas where the listing could be improved upon based on Listing Visibility, Listing Quality, Shipping and Availability.
Parts Compatibility Finder
Designed for Parts & Accessories sellers to help find compatibility information for your listings.
Duplicate Listings

Identifies duplicate listings & ensures that sellers can keep the ones with the best sales history, protecting search rankings & sales conversions.

Unsold Items Report

Identifies any items that have not sold in the last 30 days with information on hit count and historical sales.

GS1 GTIN Report

Allows you to compare your listings to GS1 and highlight anything inaccurate or missing.

Download Listings Report

Provides the ability to easily collate & download your complete listings' data.

eBay Store Performance Dashboard

Provides KPIs on a range of subjects such as images, titles, shipping and more.

Customer Support/Extras

Integrate our key data ingredients into your own framework to accelerate e-commerce knowledge and growth.

Call limit 10 pcm
Call limit 50 pcm
75 calls pcm for a monthly subscription
6000 calls pcm for an annual subscription
Additional Services
Backup & Recover

Data is backed up for FREE weekly and can be recovered at anytime for a small cost giving you great peace of mind.

Store Health Check

See where your current listings are matching up to eBay's gold standards – and where there's room for improvement.

1 per quarter
Specialist Consultancy Call

1 hour call per month with our marketplace growth consultants to help you use their specialist knowledge to get to the bottom of your trickiest challenges with eBay.

1 per month
Dedicated Customer Success Manager

A primary point of contact for all your needs, providing personalized support, guidance, and expertise through your eBay seller journey.

Priority Support

Specialised assistance to customers who have urgent or high-priority issues. Faster response times, higher levels of expertise, and more personalised attention.

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What customers say about us

What Optiseller tools can you not live without?

"The Scaling programme has been fantastic, I’ve learnt so much and it has really opened my eyes to a side of eBay that I didn’t know. Optiseller have been extremely helpful, and their tools are so easy to understand, it’s been a great time saver specifically when working on our item specifics and titles. It has helped us in search and our products are performing much better organically."

"Working closely with the Optiseller team to optimise our product listings, it was clear from the start for us that eBay needed to be treated differently to other e-commerce marketplaces we work with. Optiseller explained how eBay algorithms work across product titles, item specifics and categories. Optiseller then provided the support and tools to assist us to easily update these on the platform. These optimisations provided a strong base for our products to be as visible as possible organically. We had noticed an increase in visibility and sales from the above optimisations and cannot thank Optiseller enough for their support."

"Optiseller's recommendations have been game-changing for us. We have seen big results so far and thanks to these improvements, our brand has been featured in the eBay drop-downs, which is invaluable. Our account was below standard in Q1, so we are pushing to match last year’s performance. If we continue at this impressive rate, I have no doubt we can achieve this target."




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Yes, you can upgrade your monthly or annual subscription at any time. We will calculate any pro-rated fees and these will be available to you at the point of upgrade.

Yes, the eBay item specifics tool is part the Starter, Essential and Ultimate plans.

This is not something we offer at the moment. Please get in contact, as it may become available in the future.

As part of all Optiseller plans, you can have a maximum limit of 150,000 listings per store. If your store has more than 150,000 listings then please get in touch with us at Support.

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