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Optimise your eBay listings to increase visitors and sales


Boost the results of your eBay store

Wondering how to get more traffic to your eBay listings? The answer is simple: optimise your eBay listings.

A good listing is one that is designed to perform well on eBay, is useful for your buyer and easy for search engines like Google to find. Luckily, all three objectives require similar solutions – and Optiseller can help you with all of them.

Manage your listings at scale
Do you have so many listings that you're daunted by the thought of editing and maintaining them all?

Our tools make updates easy.

Work with Optiseller to:

  • Stop updating manually, thanks to automated tools
  • Save time on your new and existing listings
  • Know your listings have all the necessary information
  • Stay up to date on Item Specific mandates
  • Easily remove duplicate listings
Listings optimisation screengrab
Create optimal listings for your category
To make your listing stand out on eBay, you want to make sure it's got all of the information your buyer is looking for.

This will change by category. For example, Parts & Accessories sellers might wonder if they should be providing fitment data. Collectables sellers may not know what data eBay is looking for. We can help!

Optiseller's insights and reports identify:

  • Data requirements for each eBay category
  • Ways to automatically locate missing/incorrect part details
  • Which listings are underperforming, and why
Choose the right plan for you

Essential and Ultimate plan customers also have access to regular in-depth strategic reviews of their eBay stores, as well as the performance of their Optiseller account performance, with custom guidance provided by our e-commerce experts.

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