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Take back control of your brand on the marketplace

Get an in-depth view of your brand's marketplace performance and make informed decisions on your online sales strategy.

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Three data insight viewpoints:

Have you ever wondered how well eBay stores sell your brand? Are these the sellers you expect to be selling the products? Are there gaps in the market where your brand should be present?



Get an overview of your brand performance on eBay, as well as the KPIs for each product.



Discover how different sellers are performing, and see what is driving the highest sales performance.



Take a deep dive into your product catalog, who is selling them, and how succesful listings are.

Analyse your data in two dynamic views

Powerful data needs strong analysis, and thats why our Brand Data Report gives you two strategic views to understand the takeaways:

Latest snapshot view

The latest snapshot view gives you the latest information for each section, detailing the most recent example of how the brand is performing across marketplace, seller and product.

Differential view

Take a deepdive and view the changes across various metrics, allowing you to understand trends in brand performance and your top sellers on eBay.

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