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Don't let duplicate listings spoil your store rankings


Manage and remove duplicate listings to improve visibility

The bigger your business grows, the harder it is to keep track of all your product listings.

That's where duplicates can slip in. Duplicate listings may feel like no big deal, but they can bloat your shopfront, confuse buyers and have a negative impact on your visibility on eBay. Streamline your online store. Optiseller will help you identify and remove duplicate listings.

Freedom from duplication
Overwhelmed by the number of individual listings and intimidated by the idea of finding the duplicates?

Let us find them for you.

Optiseller's tools will:

  • Keep your listings unique and well ranked by eBay
  • Remove non-performing duplicate listings
  • Retain and improve well-performing listings
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Why remove duplicates screengrab
Why remove duplicates?
To sell well on eBay (or anywhere) you need your products to be visible to the buyer.

Duplicate listings work against you on several levels: they can overwhelm buyers, make you look untrustworthy, and even get you penalised by eBay.

eBay's Duplicate Listings policy is designed to discourage repetitive listings. Sellers who fall foul of the policy can have their listings demoted in searches, impacting sales and lowering conversions.

Get a clear overview of duplication
A top-level oversight or a drill down into the metrics.

Optiseller tools give you the insight you need to keep on top of your duplicate listings.

Use our tool to discover:

  • How many of your items are potential duplicates
  • How well each listing is performing
  • Which areas are duplicated – from product identifiers to images
  • Which listings are the smartest to remove
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Choose the right plan for you

Essential and Ultimate plan customers also have access to regular in-depth strategic reviews of their eBay stores, as well as the performance of their Optiseller account performance, with custom guidance provided by our e-commerce experts.

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