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Scaling with marketplace experts

Skyrocket your growth on eBay

Scaling both knowledge and success through tailored support

Over the course of 12 weeks, you will work closely with a dedicated marketplace expert to streamline your projects, optimise your listings to their fullest potential and ultimately increase sales on eBay.

What is included?
An initial full store analysis will be carried out by your assigned marketplace expert.

This will identify the key focus points that will ultimately drive better product impressions, visibility, and conversion.

Benefit from:

  • Identification of problem areas and suggested improvements to drive GMV
  • Important and current KPIs, titles, aspects and images at a glance
  • 3 months access to full Optiseller suite of tools
  • 3 months structured individual support by Optiseller - calls and email support.
  • Compliance to eBay Best Match criteria
Don't take our word for it.

We believe that data insights drive online retail success, and that’s why we provide our customers with rich data insights to grow their sales across multiple e-commerce channels, including eBay.  

We're not the only ones that feels this way. See how we helped companies grow their sales by up to 740%.

Yes, that's right, 740%.


You can also view all testimonials and reviews here.

“Working with Chris as part of the Optiseller scaling programme was a great experience and our team learnt a lot about our channel, areas we could improve and the steps required to do.  The outputs of the programme had a huge impact on our channel and sales performance.”

-Grace Fegan, Haru

“The Optiseller program really helped us drill down into our eBay product data, to analyse what issues there were and how to prioritise any resulting fixes.

Chris' all round knowledge of the eBay marketplace and ecommerce as a whole gave us good insights and we will follow through on a number of recommendations on eBay which also applies to other channels as well.”

-Ross Harper, Discounted Sunglasses

“The Scaling programme has been fantastic, I’ve learnt so much and it has really opened my eyes to a side of eBay that I didn’t know. Optiseller have been extremely helpful, and their tools are so easy to understand, it’s been a great time saver specifically when working on our item specifics and titles. It has helped us in search and our products are performing much better organically.”

-Emily Hardy, Shark

"The Optiseller Scaling programme has been invaluable, the insights provided have really helped drive our business further and we know now what we need to do. Chris and the wider Optiseller team have been super helpful and the experience will help drive the future growth of our business on an upward trajectory."

-Martin Drogosz, The Entertainment Store

Meet the experts

Optiseller are the experts in this field and have been working directly with eBay for over 13 years helping sellers globally to maximise their sales activity.

Our marketplace experts have over 30 years combined experience in marketplaces and the e-commerce sector.

This three month intensive program is designed to help you grow your business on eBay. Optiseller work very closely with eBay and our goal is to help you maximise your sales performance on the marketplace.

Start your 12-week scaling programme today

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