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Frequently asked questions

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We've shared some of the frequently asked questions to help you out.


Q. What is Optiseller?

A. Optiseller is an e-commerce data platform that provides over 50,000 users in 160 countries with the tools they need to control, manage and monitor their performance. The system produces rich data that online retailers can use to grow sales and improve performance across multiple e-commerce channels, including eBay, Amazon, and, as well as proprietary and own brand. Optiseller can also provide clients with bespoke data tools and solutions, and the platform is fully scalable, with users ranging from niche sellers to global retailers. 

Q. Where is Optiseller based?

A.Optiseller Australia is based across all major mainland cities and we are expanding fast. Get in touch with us and speak to one of the team near you. 

Q. How can I find out about careers at Optiseller? 

A. We are a quickly expanding company and are always on the look out for new talent to join the team here in Australia. Keep an eye on our career page to find out all about the roles we have. 

Q. How do you use Optiseller? 

A. Its simple! Sign up for your free trial here and get started in a few simple steps. Once you have linked your store, you are good to go.

Q. Is Optiseller free? 

A. If you are an eBay store owner then you can access Aspect Finder+ free of charge. This is currently until the end of September 2021. However you can sign up to one of our plans to benefit from the full Optiseller tools package. 

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