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"Optiseller's recommendations have been game-changing for us. We have seen big results so far and thanks to these improvements, our brand has been featured in the eBay drop-downs, which is invaluable. Our account was below standard in Q1, so we are pushing to match last year’s performance. If we continue at this impressive rate, I have no doubt we can achieve this target."

"We had been updating our Item Specifics in eBay but Optiseller has really helped us to speed up that process. Being able to use Aspect Finder+ on our listings, download the information and then upload it to Linnworks has been a great help. The Category Lookup tool is fantastic and has saved us a lot of time when selecting correct values for eBay. It is a simple and easy tool to use and the support they provide is outstanding."

"Optiseller Aspect Finder+ tool is easy to use with a pleasant design. We as sellers know exactly which fields are required and the blank fields are highlighted accordingly for us to update. We can use the tool without any external help needed, though chat support is always available and any questions are answered promptly."

"Optiseller tools are great. I use the Aspect Finder+ and Category Lookup tools regularly and find them very easy to use. They highlight any missing or preferred requirements in our listing data, such as Item Specifics, and Export function provides a file instantly ready to upload to file exchange. The Buyer Demand data is also very useful and educated me on how to prioritise and populate Item Specifics beyond the required ones. The Optiseller team is extremely knowledgeable on all things eBay and how to get the most out of trading an eBay store."


"Aspect Finder+ has been a very handy tool for us. The export function is easy to use and makes it possible to export the item specifics in file exchange format, edit in Excel in bulk and upload again via eBay file exchange. It works a treat!"
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Opie Oils

"We find the Optiseller tool very useful, and the team very responsive. Our external systems are the "master" data rather than eBay, but even so, we find that Optiseller is effective at guiding our efforts when it comes to Item Specifics. All in all, a great help!"

DIY Car Service Parts

"Aspect Finder+ is a fantastic tool. The new items sold/quantity column is a fantastic addition, and we find the eBay category lookup tool particularly useful for populating our item specifics using Volo. In the first two months of using the tool we noticed that around 100 listings we optimised sold more in 8 weeks than in the 12 previous months."

"Using Optiseller allowed us to quickly identify and update all required Item Specifics for all of our listings. The support from Optiseller was great. The tool was simple to use, and the ability to download a CSV file directly for uploading to file exchange made it very easy to update in bulk. This has had a positive increase in sales for us, as listings are now appearing higher in eBay's search engine. I am now keen to establish other tools offered by Optiseller that we can utilise to our advantage."

"We have noticed that our eBay listings with all the item specifics populated and multiple images added are ranking higher on eBay search, this has led to an increase of views and improved conversion rate. Sales have marginally grown but we expect this to continue and snowball over time. Optiseller has a variety of very useful tools to cater even for the largest of sellers, with great customer support and we would recommend it to all."
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"I'm impressed with the fast results. I worked on the first batch of underperforming listings on a Thursday, and by Friday I had sold 13% of the items, some of which were more than a year old and never had a purchase. The only difference was the Item Specific updates made 24 hours earlier. This service is worth the money and then some!"
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"Optiseller has proved a very handy tool for us. In particular, using the Optiseller Aspect Finder function has allowed us to greatly improve our efficiency in updating the Item Specifics of eBay products, and their very helpful team have even taken on board our suggestions to make it even more efficient going forward!"

"I've never been a fan of data, but when I saw small changes start to deliver results, I was hooked. The Optiseller team have transformed my mindset in selling on eBay, and virtually all our numbers and stats are on an upward trajectory. Now I know I'm using my time in the best way possible: with Optiseller,it doesn't matter what I work on, it always works!"
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"Optiseller has become an essential tool in listing products for my team. We use it daily to ensure consistent product data is listed across all our channels."

"Optiseller has given Carmarthen Cameras great insight into how to improve eBay listings, not only improving current listings, but also preventing future work from having insufficient details. Since implementing the Optiseller recommended changes, we have seen a 26% improvement in turnover this month to the next and a 42% improvement year on year."

"Optiseller has made our day-to-day life as eBay sellers much easier. Some of the features of Aspect Finder+, such as the export function enabling bulk work, are very convenient. We have found the Optiseller team to be very responsive and helpful. All in all, what we thought would be a huge task has turned out to be quite easy!"
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