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E-commerce through marketplaces presents great selling opportunities, but you need to come to the party prepared. Optiseller can identify, fix and anticipate any issues with your listings, so you can leverage your e-commerce data to get ahead of the game.

Here's how Optiseller can help your business.
Identify the main issues
Managing hundreds or thousands of listings and keeping them up-to-date is no easy task.

With Optiseller you will:

  • Know what sellers are searching for, so you can focus on the data that matters
  • Monitor vital KPIs for your business and prioritise your work accordingly
  • Optimise your listings, e.g. by removing duplicate or stagnant listings and validating GTINs
  • Find listings that match your products to piggyback on their data
Diagnose the situation
To keep your store performing at its best, you need to keep on top of things, both at a general level and the granular detail.

Optiseller will enable you to:

  • Get an early view of marketplace changes and mandates likely to affect your listings
  • See the performance of individual listings (Essential and Ultimate plans only)
  • Check your eligibility for the eBay Deals Programme (Essential and Ultimate plans only)
  • Monitor your competitors and drill down on their strategy (Essential and Ultimate plans only)
Fix the problems
Automation will accelerate your marketplace data processing and shoot your productivity through the roof.

With Optiseller you can:

  • Manage and grow your marketplace store at scale
  • Automatically complete item specifics without the need for manual review
  • Download all your store and listings data in a format for use in other marketplaces
  • Locate and fix missing and incorrect P&A fitment data (Essential and Ultimate plans only)
Choose the right plan for your business

Essential and Ultimate plan customers also have access to regular in-depth strategic reviews of their eBay stores, as well as the performance of their Optiseller account performance, with custom guidance provided by our e-commerce experts.

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