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5 daily fixes to optimise your eBay store

November 22, 2021

We know that sellers and business owners are run off their feet as it approaches the end of the year. We also know that optimising your store to drive traffic and stay ahead of competitors will always be a priority for any successful online store. That is why we have come up with 5 quick fixes that you can implement into your daily or weekly routine to ensure you are making the most of your store data. We have the tips and tools to speed up the process for you.  

We have created 5 short videos to demonstrate the importance of these fixes and how to implement them. 


#1 Buyer Demand Data 

We kicked off the series with Buyer Demand Data. This data can help you prioritise the item specifics that will make the most difference to your online visibility and sales. Not only this, but seeing the amount of traffic your listing could attract from a certain item specific is extremely motivating. You can find out exactly what buyers are searching and filtering for. Our Category Lookup tool can give you this information in the easy to use format of a 1–5-star rating to show you to focus your efforts. Check out our first video in the daily fix series for all the details. 

#2 Secondary Categories 

Make the most of secondary categories to attract more buyers. Your product may fit into more than one category and although buyers may be looking for your item, if you only have it in one singular category but it could be equally relevant in another, you will be missing out on that all-important traffic. In this video, Chris explains this in more detail. 

#3 Listing titles 

Having a good quality listing title is essential to bring the right shoppers to your listing. It is the first thing the buyer will see before they decide whether to click into the listing or not. Check out the video below where Paul from our Customer Success team explains how to make the most of your titles. 

#4 Listing images 

The images of your product are alongside the titles as the first thing buyers will see before they click into the details of the product. It is not enough to have just one image either, once a customer is engaged by the first image, they will want to see more. Make the most of the 12 images you are allowed by eBay. Paul will talk you through how to make the most of these images. 

#5 Item specifics 

Last but not least, item specifics are attributes related to a product which will allow buyers to filter. If you don’t populate the ones that are most relevant to your products, you risk your listings falling from search results. Our Aspect Finder+ tool will give you guidance on how to get started, as well as automating the process for you. Watch our final video in the series for more details. 


We hope that you enjoyed this series and you have found some tips to implement into your selling strategy. If you think you could benefit from the use of an Optiseller plan, check out the options here and enjoy a 7-day free trial.  

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