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eBay Seller Calendar

Co-Piloted by Optiseller

Optimising your store isn’t a one and done job, and we always recommend our users to run our tools regularly to make sure every aspect of your eBay store is frequently reviewed. However, with so many tools at hand, we know it can be an overwhelming task to keep track of when you last used each tool.

Which is why we developed the OptiCalendar.

Be confident in optimising your eBay store.

The OptiCalendar highlights all the tools you should be running as an OptiTask in a calendar format so you can easily add in your own work goals and manage your workload all in one place.

We make it easy to see which tools to use and when. Tools are divided based on suggested usage amount:

  • Daily to weekly
  • Weekly to monthly
  • Monthly to quarterly
Seller tips
Be in the know

Along with your monthly OptiTasks, you'll also get seller tips and important eBay reminders, such as mandates, so that you can be one step ahead of the e-commerce game. 

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