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eBay Listing Checker
See a score on any live eBay listing!
(Now included in all plans! Hurrah!)

Start checking your listing scores

Run eBay listing checks in a flash with Optiseller's Listing Checker Chrome Extension

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We know it can be tough to navigate through the seller lifecycle. Discover the tools to help guide every step of your eBay journey. Optiseller can identify, fix and anticipate any issues with your listings, so you can leverage your e-commerce data to get ahead of the game.

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Perform checks on any live eBay listing and harness the power of our OptiRating listing score

Now it's easier than ever to take a snapshot view of your listing optimisation score with Optiseller's Listing Checker for Google Chrome. Simply adding the extension to your browser will allow you to see a score on any live eBay listing, whether it is your own, or your competitors!

With our OptiRating system, based on a quick analysis of a listing, you will be able to understand what crucial tweaks are required to optimise your listings to their full potential. Dive deeper with an Optiseller subscription and go straight to our tools to take tangible actions to improve your listing optimisation.

Let Optiseller's Listing Checker help you #SellMoreStressLess.

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Discover the Benefits

Perform quick listing checks on any eBay listing, whether they are your own or the competitors. Harness the OptiRating scoring system to understand how your listing is optimised for performance on eBay.

Listing Visibility - see how a listing is optimised for visibility on eBay, and what areas can be improved.

Shipping - Does the listing offer fast & free shipping? Is it part of the global shipping programme? This is where you can find out!

Listing Boosters - These are the extra areas that will drive your visibility on the platform, like having multiple images or strikethrough pricing.

Sell more. Stress less.

Now free for all users!

Free users get access to 10 searches per day, while Starter, Essential and Ultimate plan customers have full access, as well as access to the full range of Optiseller tools.


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