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Adding eBay Item Specifics will provide a major increase in search & sales
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Item specifics tell buyers what you're selling, are crucial to your search visibility and sales, and are required by eBay in different categories

eBay require key item specifics in a number of different categories. Without this information, you won't be able to publish new, manually relisted or revised listings. Buyers' increasing use of search filters means that adding the right Item Specifics can provide more sales – using the tool is an efficient way to help your business grow.

Try our ROI calculator to find out the return on investment you will achieve using our Aspect Finder+ tool to update your eBay Item Specifics.

Why use Aspect Finder+
Existing Listings

Identify Missing Item Specifics

Scan your listings & identify any missing important Item Specifics

Supplier Data Feeds

Process any Category

Process any Item Specific in any category, on any eBay site

Quality of eBay Listings

Meet eBay Standards

Review current eBay listings for quality & data issues & get suggestions on how to make improvements

Automation/Time Saving

Time Saving

Save valuable time & effort optimizing your listings

eBay Compliant


Increase compliance & performance for eBay's search algorithm (Best Match & Cassini)

Competitor Analysis

Bulk Updates

Instead of updating one listing at a time, users can now do it in bulk. Helping drive more sales

Buyer Demand


Benchmark your listings using OptiRating and increase your chances of making sales on eBay

AI Title Suggester

Title Optimization

Optimize your titles using AI. Create optimized eBay titles using data already found in your listings

Discover other Optiseller tools to help boost your sales on eBay.

Identify Missing Item Specifics
Optimize your listings, save time and sell more with Optiseller's Aspect Finder+.

Aspect Finder+ scans your listings to identify important missing item specifics. You might already have this information stored in other parts of your listing. Aspect Finder+ will then retrieve it for you to save you time when updating your listings.

Why use Aspect Finder+?

  • Hundreds or thousands of listed products that aren't selling
  • Save hours each month instead of manually updating
  • Unsure why your listings aren’t optimized
  • Bulk update & manage your listings instead of one at a time
  • Optimize your titles using our AI-driven generator
  • Benchmark your listings using OptiRating
Image Identifying Missing Item Specifics
Image processing any category
Process any Category
Aspect Finder+ processes any category, on any eBay site, and can summarise this data in a CSV file.

You'll be able to download this file to use with File Exchange, Seller Hub or Third-party integration partners. The overview displays a summary of completeness for your products.

Organised into categories, the table shows how many products have data missing per classification (e.g. Required, Required Soon, Recommended and Additional) as well as the total number of listings per category. You can also import additional data and export to a number of different pre-defined formats.

Meet eBay Standards
Aspect Finder+ enables sellers to meet eBay standards in categories where item specifics are mandated.

The tool also works with categories that have no mandated Item Specifics. In these categories you do not HAVE to add and improve specifics, but it is highly recommended to increase views of your items, and sales.

The Aspect Finder+ report breaks down the best way for you to view and optimise your data. Review what's already been done and apply the finishing touches. Whether that means importing more data or making some manual adjustments everything you need is available in the tool.

Image of meeting eBay standards
If your selling on eBay, you need to take Item Specifics seriously
Aspect Finder+ dashboard screen example
55% of eBay searches include an Aspect/Item Specific or some level of filtering.

Source: eBay Connect 2020

What our customers are saying

Trusted by 1000s of world class companies selling on marketplaces.


"Aspect Finder+ has been a very handy tool for us. The export function is easy to use and makes it possible to export the item specifics in file exchange format, edit in Excel in bulk and upload again via eBay file exchange. It works a treat!"
Opie Oils

"We find the Optiseller tool very useful, and the team very responsive. Our external systems are the "master" data rather than eBay, but even so, we find that Optiseller is effective at guiding our efforts when it comes to Item Specifics. All in all, a great help!"
DIY Car Service Parts

"Aspect Finder+ is a fantastic tool. The new items sold/quantity column is a fantastic addition, and we find the eBay category lookup tool particularly useful for populating our item specifics using Volo. In the first two months of using the tool we noticed that around 100 listings we optimised sold more in 8 weeks than in the 12 previous months."

"Using Optiseller allowed us to quickly identify and update all required Item Specifics for all of our listings. The support from Optiseller was great. The tool was simple to use, and the ability to download a CSV file directly for uploading to file exchange made it very easy to update in bulk. This has had a positive increase in sales for us, as listings are now appearing higher in eBay's search engine. I am now keen to establish other tools offered by Optiseller that we can utilise to our advantage." 

"We have noticed that our eBay listings with all the item specifics populated and multiple images added are ranking higher on eBay search, this has led to an increase of views and improved conversion rate. Sales have marginally grown but we expect this to continue and snowball over time. Optiseller has a variety of very useful tools to cater even for the largest of sellers, with great customer support and we would recommend it to all." 
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