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Take care of eBay unsold items to boost your conversion rates


Take care of eBay unsold items to boost your conversion rates

Seeing listings sit for months without making a sale?

You might be stuck in a vicious cycle. A low conversion rate on eBay results in lower visibility on the site. That means fewer eyes on your listings, and a greater chance of a listing remaining unsold. The good news is that it's a cycle you can break. Rather than leaving a listing live indefinitely, hoping that someone might stumble upon it, our tools help you quickly identify unsold listings, allowing you to take decisive action.

Hands-off listing curation
Our tools will help you improve your conversion rate by:
  • Quickly populating all relevant Item Specifics
  • Removing non-performing duplicate listings
  • Updating listings at a much faster rate

See how your listings are performing with our Unsold Items Report

Unsold items screengrab
Unsold items screengrab
Improve rather than retire
Not every item on eBay is destined to be sold right away – but that doesn't mean it needs to be retired.

You want your item to be there when your buyer is looking for it. You also want them to be able to find it!

Improve your conversion rate and your visibility on eBay by optimising your listings.

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Essential and Ultimate plan customers also have access to regular in-depth strategic reviews of their eBay stores, as well as the performance of their Optiseller account performance, with custom guidance provided by our e-commerce experts.

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