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Optiseller API

Accelerate your data potential with the power of Optiseller's API

Providing the power of Optiseller’s industry leading data sources

Optiseller’s software tools are built on powerful product data algorithms and enable you to build and grow your e-commerce business through data.

But what if you wanted to go beyond the data?

Now you can with Optiseller’s API. Integrate our key data ingredients into your own framework to accelerate e-commerce knowledge and growth. We like to call this E-COMMradery.

We’ve laid the groundwork, what will you build?

Experiment with new ways to reach customers

Build upon the integration to create powerful tools of your own

Save time for your users with data optimisation and preparation

Have your cake and eat it, too.

Enhance Existing Products

  • Provide Optiseller suggestions within bespoke or 3rd party solutions
  • Extend familiar experiences with additional features
  • Opportunities to charge additional premiums for value-add

Build New Products

  • Experiment with new ways to reach customers
  • The API can be consumed by many application types
  • Currently the API is used in:
    • Chrome plugin
    • SaaS Web Apps
    • Microsoft Excel

Enhance Custom Integrations

  • Build an integration for home-grown tools
  • No need to rebuild or rethink existing workflows
  • Enable staff members in the tools they currently use
  • Save time for your users with data optimisation and preparation
Go beyond the data with Optiseller's API
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