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Return On Investment Calculator
Use our calculator to find out the return on investment you will achieve using our Aspect Finder+ tool to update your eBay Item Specifics.


Optiseller Return On Investment Calculator

See what you can save with our quick calculator

How much ROI can you achieve?

When selling on eBay, having optimised Item Specifics is imperative if you want to be successful. But we know that manually filling in every listing takes up precious resources, that’s why we have tools designed to do the hard work for you. Calculate the return on investment you could enjoy using our Aspect Finder+ tool vs. the eBay Seller Hub below.


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return on investment using the Optiseller tools

eBay makes it clear that Item Specifics are the key to any seller’s success on eBay but if you have hundreds (or even thousands) of listings, having to update them manually could cost you precious revenue, not to mention time! With tools designed to help sellers optimise listings in bulk, Optiseller is the one stop shop for eBay sellers looking to save time and money. To get the most out of Optiseller and get valuable insight into optimising every aspect of your listings, sign up for a free 7-day trial now.



Optiseller eBay Health Check

See where your current listings are matching up to eBay's gold standards – and where there's room for improvement.

Our clear and straightforward health-check PDF gives a bird's eye view of your store's strengths and weaknesses.

Spot the mistakes that could be making a difference to your listing performance – from duplicate listings to missing Item Specifics or titles that don't meet the recommended length.

Find out how consistent your shipping options are and get an idea of the number of missing or duplicate images your listings are suffering from. Are you skipping out on the kind of product identifiers that could make a difference between a buyer clicking away or completing a sale?

From GTINs to MPNs and fitment details, get a snapshot that will help you improve your store's bottom line.

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