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About us

We are an e-commerce data platform with industry experts focused on one thing - helping you sell more and stress less.


Our mission is simple

We help online retailers sell more

We design tools that make selling on marketplaces more straightforward.

We aim to make it easy for online sellers to build profitable businesses that match the scale of their ambition, regardless of their size, shape or industry.

Our Story

From lightbulbs to bright ideas


Our e-commerce journey began in 2008 when we built a partner’s custom platform for selling lightbulbs as part of an energy efficiency government initiative.

Over the years of e-commerce consultancy and onboarding, we discovered that sellers faced the same challenges.

There were a number of tools out there to help get your listings live, but what we didn’t see was insights and analytics to identifying what you’re doing well and what needs work.



So, we started building individual tools to help retailers perform better online. And this is where Optiseller was born.

We show you how well you’re doing, identifying any problems and providing a solution to fix them. That way, you can focus on what you’re good at – retailing, and we’ll focus on what we’re good at – optimising for marketplaces.

What's next?

2023 and beyond

We're at the forefront of e-commerce data and we're eager to see where it takes us. From new integrations to space data discovery, we're paving the way for the future of online marketplaces.

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