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A Beginner's Guide to Promoted Listings

October 05, 2021

What are Promoted Listings?  

Promoted Listings are all about visibility and it was certainly a hot topic at eBay Open UK last week. According to eBay UK, there are 1.7 billion global listings, so getting your items to sell can be difficult but that’s where eBay’s Promoted Listings tool comes in.   

This self-serve marketing tool offers multiple sponsored placements across the eBay network, including in the search results, the view items, my eBay section and in the checkout.  

Promoted Listings are available with:  

  • Fixed price inventory   
  • Nearly every category   
  • Multi-quantity and single quantity price listings   

It is worth mentioning, you’re only eligible for Promoted Listings if you’re an above standard or top-rated seller with an established sales history.  


What are the benefits of Promoted Listings?  

  • More visibility - It’s not just about increasing your visibility on a search page it’s about increasing visibility across the whole shopping journey.   
  • Risk-free - you only pay when you sell   
  • You’re in control – you create your campaign and can turn the campaigns on and off as you need   
  • Long-term impact – giving your brand visibility across eBay   
  • Incremental sales – helping you sell more of your inventory – as you are only paying when you make a sale, it's free advertising for your listings   
  • Ease of use – agile and easy to use – switch it on and off as you please and there is no creatives or ads you need to upload 

   During his talk at eBay Open UK, Head of Seller Success at eBay ads, Rufus Bazley stated that ‘Promoted listings put your items in front of more buyers and boost your visibility as much as 36%’.  


 How to use Promoted Listings 

When it comes to Promoted Listings, you are in control.  

You select the price (ad rate) you’re willing to pay to promote your selected listing and the ad rate is a percentage of the item’s final sale price (anything from 1%).  

For example, if you’re selling a mobile phone for £200 and you’ve set an ad rate of 10%. You’ll pay £20 if it's clicked on and sold within 30 days. Ad rates are only applied to the item price and not the other fees. It really is that simple!  


How to get  started

The first step – go to the seller hub. Once you’re in the seller hub, you’re just 3 clicks away.  

  • Marketing tab   
  • Select the advertising dashboard   
  • And then create a campaign   


Enhance your listings with Optiseller  

At Tamebay Live in May this year, eBay announced that the quality of a listing is just as important as the ad percentage rate within Promoted Listings. Meaning that sellers need to consider the quality of their listings before using the Promoted Listings tool.  

That’s where Optiseller comes in. Our tools and Servies enable you to optimise your listings before promoting them through the Promoted Listings tool.  

Sign up for our 7-day free trial today and start optimising your listings.  

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