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A moment to reflect - the past two years in a nutshell 

By Darrah Gallacher   
February 14, 2022

Adapting to the new world of e-commerce

The last 2 years have shown how quickly the world of retail can change and how quickly we can adapt to the shift. The world has grown to rely on e-commerce and marketplaces to replace the essential parts of daily life that were deemed unsafe to experience in the real world. For many, it was a lifeline to find employment as businesses closed their doors, in some cases for good. The uptake in shoppers and sellers on marketplaces alike was phenomenal. This has led to our business’ rapid expansion as the necessity for our tools and services skyrocketed. 

Supporting sellers on their journey

As sellers tried to navigate the explosion of the e-commerce industry, the Optiseller team were at the ready with our suite of tools, designed and developed for over 13 years, to make the lives of sellers simpler. We support sellers to ensure their store is compliant with eBay policies, optimise product listings by providing optimal data, and automate these lengthy processes to save sellers time and effort. The success stories we see from our tools and services are second to none. We have worked with some great brands such as Got the Lot, Healthspan and WG Motorparts who have all seen incredible sales performance improvements with an extremely quick turnaround. 

Optiseller go international

Our team has grown exponentially in just 2 years. From a small team of 14 employees in March 2020, we are now a team of 91. To have grown the team so quickly, under the unprecedented circumstances we have all experienced over the two years has been challenging to say the least, but extremely rewarding in so many ways. The company started out as a Scottish business with headquarters in Central Scotland to now having presence across the UK, Ireland, Germany and Australia. Many of our team members have not yet had the chance to meet, through various lockdowns and varied restrictions in different countries. Thankfully we found little gaps in restrictions to have a few team meetings here and there. We even had the opportunity to present and exhibit at physical events. A massive milestone was opening our new –bigger and better- Optiseller HQ in Q3 last year! 

The only way is up!

Developing our tools and expanding the business has involved a lot of imagination, hard work and dedication from our growing team. 2021 has been a phenomenal year for us as a business and have seen our hard work recognised through being nominated for industry awards such as the UK e-commerce award. Making the shortlist for this award has reminded the team that their efforts are seen and are certainly paying off. We can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store. The only way is up for Optiseller. 

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