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BREAKING NEWS! eBay announces upcoming mandate

By Laura Cassidy   
April 13, 2022

This just in – a new eBay mandate is underway and will include updates to item specifics and category structures.

What you need to know in a nutshell

  • New item specifics will be required in the following categories:
    • Collectibles (Toys)
    • Health & Beauty
    • Home & Garden
    • Parts & Accessories
  • A few category structures will be updated
  • Some item specifics names will be updated



Make sure to include these upcoming key dates to your diary.

17th May 2022: New item specifics will be available in some categories.

Mid-July 2022: These new item specifics and category changes will now be required.


Don’t fret!

We’ve got your back. We will be working tirelessly to ensure you are prepared; keeping your store up to date and one step ahead of the game.

See how Optiseller’s tools can smoothly get you through this mandate and future ones to come. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for important updates.


Why mandates?

eBay monitors what search filters are being used by buyers on a regular basis. By updating the categories and item specifics, buyers are given a smoother user experience and can be better matched with the items they are searching for. By utilising updated item specifics and categories, sellers are provided the opportunity to be more visible within searches, increasing traffic to their listings. It’s a win-win situation!




New to item specifics? Head over to Item Specifics 101 for a deep dive into their importance.

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