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Everything you need to know about Optiseller’s Parts & Compatibility finder

By a contributor   
December 08, 2021

What is the Parts & Compatibility finder tool? 

Optiseller’s Parts & Compatibility finder is an intuitive tool that enables the completion of vehicle parts compatibility data for both cars and motorcycles. In short… it helps to make sure that you have your ‘compatibility’ data sorted. 


How does the tool work? 


What key fitment data should be added to a listing? 

When adding fitment data, sellers need to include: 

  • Make  
  • Model  
  • Year (or year range) 
  • Variant Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) 

Here are some examples of how having more information in a listing can improve matches:


Why is fitment so important for parts & accessories listings?  

When selling on eBay, fitment compatibility is important for both auto part buyers and sellers on eBay because – buyers need a part that fits their car, while sellers want their parts to show up in search results. 

Using correct fitment data allows buyers to quickly and more easily find the parts they are looking for. And, increased buyer confidence means greater sales and less after-sales support.  


How to access the tool (UK) 

Step 1: New users should sign up here - Optiseller sign up.  You will receive an email confirming your details and instructions on how to log in to the tool. 

Step 2: Sign up for either the Essential or Ultimate plan to access the Parts Compatibility Finder tool 

Step 3: Once the signup process is complete, you will see the store being processed on the home page, and when completed you will be able to access your report and download the results. 

And don’t forget with all our packages, new users will get access to our 7-day free trial.  

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