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Expert tips to create the perfect eBay listing

By a contributor   
November 17, 2021

When listing an item on eBay there is a lot to think about, you need to ensure you have added it to the right category, including all the relevant item specifics and ensure the price is right but unfortunately it doesn’t stop there.     

To make listings stand out from the others, sellers need to ensure that their listings are up to scratch. We have put together a handy infographic of our top 5 expert tips to create the perfect eBay listing.  



Boosting visibility and sales online with Optiseller 

It seems obvious to say, but for an online retailer to be a success, it must be easy for consumers to find their listings. Good online visibility enables users to discover your products or services on their own. Following our steps above will help sellers create the perfect eBay listing that will drive buyers to their online store.  

There has never been a better time to sell on eBay, but to succeed, sellers need to put data at the centre of their business operation. Optimising listings for eBay SEO purposes needs to be a priority, not a nice to have.  

Whether you are new to eBay or need some help optimising your listing, Optiseller can help support your eBay journey.  

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