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Get creative with your eBay selling

By Laura Cassidy   
May 05, 2022

The month of May is Creative Beginnings month! Creativity fosters innovation and helps us become more self-aware of our greater potential.

"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun." - Mary Lou Cook

With over 1 billion active listings on eBay, it takes more than just listing your products to stay at the forefront of such a competitive marketplace. Getting creative in how you list will help drive traffic to your store and increase sales on eBay.

Bring your products to life with imagery

No doubt we are visual creatures! Our brains process visual content 60,000x faster than words. Product images are an important element to your listings – it’s what catches the eye of a buyer in the first instance, so it only makes sense to put thought into your imagery. Some things to consider when choosing what images to display:

  • Utilise the number of allowed images. You can have up to 12 images per listing so make sure to take advantage of having multiple shots of your product.
  • Photograph your item from all angles. Include full shots of the item as well as close-up detailed shots to provide the buyer a 360 view of what they’re purchasing.
  • Don’t use filters. Keep the lighting natural and don’t add filters. You want the buyer to see the true colour of your products.
  • Try to use white backgrounds. This will help make your product pop and be more visible for when users are scrolling through their choices.
  • Use variation images. If you have product variations, be sure to upload pictures of the different variations of products to your listing. Show the options to the buyer.

Make your listings pop with colour

Did you know 92% of people find colour extremely important when it comes to their purchasing decisions? That’s pretty powerful information; so, that’s why you should bear in mind colouring when listing your products on eBay.

Pay close attention to the colours you use within your listings based on what you are selling and to whom. Impulse buyers are attracted primarily to red, orange, black and royal blue; whereas, navy blue and teal attract people on a budget. Traditional buyers will lean more towards pink, sky blue and rose. But no matter the colour – be bright! Brighter colours are shown to increase call-to-action conversion rates.

Get creative with your colour names. Study shows that more unique names increases the likelihood of a purchase. Don’t stick to traditional names like orange, green or brown. Think outside the box and go for tangerine, lime or mocha!

But also bear in mind to only select the eBay colour options in the item specifics and leave the creative names for the description!

Create a bespoke storefront homepage

There’s no better way to convey your brand’s story and set your store above the rest than through a customised storefront. Getting creative with the look and feel of your shop’s homepage can transform your store’s performance and increase virtual footfall. Your billboard image should be bold and eye-catching while encompassing your brand’s identity. They also provide opportunity to showcase your products or shout about current offers.

There are loads of programmes out there to help get your creative juices flowing. Use a design platform to transform your store from meh to magnificent!

There are loads of ways to get creative with your eBay selling. Use these tips for images, colouring and storefront design to help discover your inner creative self and make your eBay store and listings shine bright!

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