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Maropost Commerce Cloud Support and other release updates

August 23, 2021

Maropost Commerce Cloud Support

We are delighted to announce that the Optiseller Aspect Finder+ tool now has the ability to export your product data in Maropost Commerce Cloud format. We include all custom item specifics to ensure that no data is overwritten when imported into Maropost Commerce Cloud.

"Many of our customers are also users of Maropost and integration between the two is a common request we’ve received. Enabling the transfer of Optiseller data into Maropost makes absolute sense and we’re delighted to have taken steps towards that goal." states Richard Falconer, Optiseller Chief Operating Officer.

Jit Gondalia, Managing Director for Optiseller Australia echoes the tone of Richard for our Australian clients stating "At Optiseller we recognise that sellers use many different data and inventory management platforms. We want to enable our users to utilise Optiseller alongside their existing tools, and are working with many of these platforms to enable the easy transfer of data between our solutions".

This change will apply to all new exports from the tool and is available now.  

EIAS token support

We now capture and use EIAS tokens from eBay. These allow us to uniquely identify your eBay store even when names and other details change. When you sign up using an existing eBay store in Optiseller we send a notification to the user to contact the account owner for access.

Streamlining the signup process

You now no longer need to provide your email address and name during the signup process, we’ll capture this from your Optiseller account and payment details instead. This makes the path through signup shorter and easier to complete.


If you are already an Optiseller customer, you will see the Maropost export function in your Aspect Finder+. If you would like to try the Optiseller tool, you can sign up for one of our free 7-day trials.

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