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Optiseller Application Release Notes - 15th September 2022

By Craig Stephen   
September 15, 2022

At Optiseller we are constantly improving our tools and this past month has been a busy one, it is once again, release day! That means one thing: new exciting features and enhancements!  

Let’s jump right in and find out more! 

Title suggestions in Aspect Finder+ and Data Optimisation Platform

Title Suggestions

We are really excited to announce that title sugestions are now available in Aspect Finder+ and our Data Optimisation Platform for eBay. We know how much this is wanted within the tools! These suggestions are based on similar products within eBay. We also give you full control and allow you to modify or revert back to the original title if you prefer. 

Improved algorithm for Aspect Finder+ and Data Optimisation Platform

The way that Aspect Finder+ suggests data has changed significantly, and our 'secret sauce' has had an upgrade to increase the quantity and quality of the listing data we can provide you to enhance your listings. We hope you find the data suggestions that our new algorithm provides useful in completing your listings!

Category Suggester - Sections now displayed in tabs

Suggester Screenshot

Category Suggester now has the ability to display a tabbed view of suggester results so that you have a condensed view of the sections presented in a logical format. 

There is also more guidance on what the tool is for, how to use it and how to make the most out of it. As well as streamlining the UI and layout to make it more intuitive.  

So, what can you see now? 

  • A tab based navigation system showing the main sections of the category suggester tool 
  • Tabs displayed: 
    • Suggestions 
    • Categories 
    • Listings 

Optiseller Labs now available for all

Labs Screenshot

We are excited to announce that Optiseller Labs is now accessible to all users, regardless of subscription level.  

There are already some really exciting features available in Labs for you to try, including: 

  • Version 2 of our homepage, which brings you a brand new way to experience the Optiseller hub. 
  • Aspect Finder+ Enhancements bringing you even better suggestions for your listings. 
  • Product Suggester improvements allows you to use the new compatibility section and GTINs field within the product attributes section of the tool. 

We want to hear YOUR feedback on the tools, so please let us know what you think by clicking the feedback button on the top right of the screen the Optiseller application at any point. And remember, you can turn it off at any stage and go back to the classic tools view if you want.  

And that is it for today, stay tuned for more exciting features to come! 


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