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Optiseller taking part in new e-commerce event led by industry news hub Tamebay

By a contributor   
April 16, 2021

Optiseller will be hosting an online workshop on the afternoon of the first day, which will focus on getting the basics of marketplace e-commerce right. The Optiseller session, led by our Customer Success Specialist Chris Cook, will take place on Monday 17th May at 1:30 pm.  

Chris will talk about ways to improve eBay listings to get traction on eBay and increase visibility on the marketplace. As well as an overview of the factors that affect eBay rankings, he will provide practical tips to optimise listings, as well as ways to leverage eBay store data to inform e-commerce strategy.  

The emphasis on the basics of marketplaces is well justified by the fast changes in e-commerce, which may cause merchants to overlook the core components of eBay listings. Attention to detail pays off in terms of listings visibility ahead of the competition, which in turn enhances conversion.  

On top of that, eBay sellers have to comply with eBay’s regulations and mandates, which often require adding more information to existing listings. Merchants should see such initiatives, including the announcements of new mandated item specifics, as an opportunity to enhance their offering.  

If you are an eBay seller, this session will help you understand better how eBay searches work, what really matters to be visible on the marketplace and what you can do to boost the rankings of your listings. You can sign up here.

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