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Take the leg work out of categorisation

By Laura Cassidy   
May 20, 2022

Categorisation is a critical key step when listing your items on an online marketplace such as eBay. Millions of sellers are vying for the attention of (even more) millions of buyers. Categorisation allows buyers to journey through the purchase experience in a smoother, faster way and in turn, increases your discoverability SEO ranking and ultimately your sales. And although you might be a retail pro, getting your listing categories just right might not be your forte and in turn, could take up a big chunk of your time – not to mention deter traffic from your store. That is why utilising, and more importantly, understanding categorisation is so important to the success of your store.

It’s also important to mention it’s not always a straight forward like-for-like mapping. As a seller, you might align a product with what you perceive to be the correct category – but in reality, is it? Remember, there’s rarely a single category for any given product and it’s your goal to select the one that will outperform the others and ultimately guide traffic to your listing. You also don’t want to spend all of your time trying to figure out the right one – because at the end of the day, time is money.

So how can you successfully and efficiently categorise your listings on eBay?

Take the leg work out of categorisation with Optiseller’s tools and turn your uphill hike of listing on eBay into a stroll in the park.

Top 5 selling categories according to eBay Export: Automotive, Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Jewelry & Watches, home & garden, Health & Beauty (source)

The Category Lookup tool will show you a detailed category tree with data on buyer demand and eBay default values. Get detailed insights into each potential category and top 50 rated matching listings based on your search terms and which category they’re listed in. Get one step ahead with the Category Suggester tool; allowing you to search item keywords to get a view of the top suggested listing categories with an eBay data confidence rating – giving you confidence in listing your product.

For example, you might assume that umbrellas would fit under the category of garden and outdoor living; however, by using the Category Suggester tool, you will discover the confidence level is much higher if you list it under clothing – and more specifically, women’s accessories.

To put it simply, these tools provide valuable insights into which category is best to list your item under by analysing buyers’ keywords when searching for a particular product – saving you time and potential damage when listing on eBay. Whether reviewing your current listings or creating a new one, take the leg work out of categorisation with Optiseller tools. Once you select the correct product category you will then be guided on item specifics – the next crucial step in your journey to success as an eBay seller.

Get more out of our tools – Your business is at the heart of what we do and we are continuously working to improve our tools so you can continue to grow your success. Optiseller has significantly increased the number of searches within our most popular tools.

You can now search up to 100 keywords per day with the Category Suggester and up to 1,000 keywords per day with the Product Suggester; providing you more opportunity to optimise your listings to their greatest potential on a daily basis.

Discover the full range of tools available through Optiseller.

Our eBay Data Optimisation Platform is an easy step-by-step onboarding tool to supercharge your data.

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