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The 5 e-commerce trends you should be looking out for in 2022

By a contributor   
January 05, 2022

In the past two years, we have seen e-commerce change and grow to meet the demands of the new Covid-19 world. As we celebrate a New Year, it is vital for all online sellers to look ahead and plan for what is to come.

We will be looking at the top 5 trends that we think you should keep your eye on this year. And it doesn’t matter what marketplace you sell on, these trends can and will affect every aspect of selling online.

Online sales are continuing to increase

It's no surprise that the first trend we look at is that online sales are continuing to increase at a rapid rate. With the decline of the high street, more and more people are shopping from the comfort of their own homes.

However, the increase in online sales means one thing – more competition. Sellers need to stand out from their competition as marketplaces are only going to become even more competitive. eBay alone has identified that there were over100,000 new ‘pandemic start ups’ formed in 2020 during the height of the UK lockdown.

What are you doing to stand out from competitors?


Mobile shopping is growing rapidly

With today’s society being mobile obsessed, as a seller, there has never been a more urgent time to ensure your site is optimised for mobile transactions. If you’re are not optimised in the right way, sellers can miss out.

According to Insider Intelligence mobile will inch closer to becoming consumers' preferred channel for online shopping within the next five years. Get ahead of the game and set yourself up for success by being mobile-friendly.

Can you afford to miss out on mobile commerce?


Social media impacts consumer buying decisions more than ever before

Similar to m-commerce, with the growth of social media platforms and the influence culture of today's society, social media is pivotal in the consumer buyer journey.

A report by Deloitte noted that consumers who use social media during their shopping process are four times more likely to spend more on purchases than those who do not.

Are you promoting your items on social media?


Environmental factors that influence e-commerce

For many consumers, the temporary closure of physical shops has provided the opportunity to reassess and re-evaluate their shopping habits.

More than37% of shoppers now say that they are more conscious of the environmental impact their online shopping habits have than before the pandemic.

Meanwhile, nearly 73% of consumers expect online retailers and brands to use recyclable packaging or minimise their use of packaging.

Are you environmentally friendly?


Supporting local on the up

The pandemic saw nearly 50 chain shops close per day in the first half of the year(2021) on the British high streets, retail parks and shopping centres, research shows.

This scary reality has promoted the UK to shop local. According to Shopify, 57% of consumers expressed a willingness to purchase from new and independent businesses for the first time.

Gone are the days of people only purchasing from big brands that are well known, everyone has a chance to sell online in today's market.

Are you promoting yourself as an independent business?


The future of e-commerce is looking promising

To round up, it's clear that the future of e-commerce for2022 is looking bright with lots of opportunities out there for new and experienced sellers. The trick is to stay ahead of the trends, differentiate from the competition and ultimately sell more online.

Whether you already sell on eBay or thinking of expanding your marketplaces to eBay, there has never been a better time to sell online. But to succeed, sellers need to put data at the centre of their business operation and keep up with the new e-commerce trends.

Download our full guide today to read more about how these trends can help you win in 2022.


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