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The Optiseller Podcast: Doug Smith from List Perfectly

By Darrah Gallacher   
July 27, 2022

This month’s episode of The Optiseller Podcast features Doug Smith, Director of Content at List Perfectly, and well-known figure in the online selling community. It only made sense for Darrah to chat to him about the selling community, as well as the role social media now plays in many aspects of selling and building your brand on the marketplace.  

Doug Smith established himself as a strong figure for marketplace sellers during his time at eBay as Content and Tech Manager for the eBay online community. His close relationship with marketplace sellers led him to become an expert in the selling community, supporting online retailers to understand the ins and outs of online selling.  

In his years in the industry, he has learned to make the most of the community through building connections and contacts, attending both virtual and in-person events to network and keep up with the ever-evolving world of e-commerce. He now supports sellers through The Seller Community Podcast by List Perfectly which he co-hosts, and manages all content on the List Perfectly blog. 

His experience and love of social media makes him the perfect guest to tackle the complexities of social selling and marketing. If you are looking to dip your toe into this emerging sector of e-commerce, let this episode be your beginners guide to all things brand building. 

Here’s a sneak preview: 

Interested? Listen to the full episode on your preferred platform. 


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