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Optiseller to assist eBay Global Sellers for upcoming Mandates on 9th September 2020

By a contributor   
August 20, 2020

Optiseller have partnered with eBay as part of an outreach programme to assist sellers globally from the United Kingdom, United States and Australia.  This outreach programme aligns with the upcoming eBay mandates that covers a wide variety of categories: 

Home & Garden  



Business & Industrial 

Sporting Goods 

Throughout 2019 and 2020, eBay have continued to emphasise the importance of Item Specifics and how they increase the visibility of your listings on both eBay and on external search engines.  The more data you give eBay about what you're selling, the better they can match your item to what a buyer is looking for.  This is either through query search (which as well as titles makes use of Item specifics), left hand navigation filters and on category merchandising pages. 

“65-80% of eBay inventory doesn’t have all 3 top item specifics completed and therefore disappears from search.” 

“55% of all eBay searches include an aspect/item specific or some level of filtering.” 

There is now 3 weeks for you to update your listings.  These Item Specifics values are available now in eBay listing flows and eBay encourage you to add them ahead of the deadline on the 9th September 2020. 

Our Aspect Finder+ Tool can be used to identify your listings that are missing required, soon to be required and recommended item specifics across all listings, in all categories. 

You will be forced to add them for new listings or when you revise existing listings in the future. Although Good til Cancelled listings will continue to renew if you don't add the new mandatory eBay item specifics requirements, when you go to add new stock in the future you will be unable to revise your listings until you update the Item Specifics. 
Our tip: Use our Aspect Finder + Tool to help you quickly do this! 

Take advantage our Aspect Finder+ Tool which is free for all eBay sellers until 31st December 2020.

Why complete Item Specifics? 

  1. They help buyers ascertain what they are buying. 
  2. They help increase your sales. 
  3. They go hand in hand with eBay’s search engine. 
  4. They add more keywords to your listings. 
  5. They make listings look much more professional. 
  6. They can lower your returns rate. 


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