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Category Suggester

The first step of any eBay seller starts with market research.

Put your store on the right path by matching your listing keywords to categories.

Discover other tools within market research to help guide you through your eBay seller journey.

What is the Category Suggester tool?

The Category Suggester tool allows you to search on listing keywords to get a view on the top 10 suggested categories by confidence level, as well as a summary view of categories with similar listings, including the closest match listings themselves.

Match listing keywords to categories

See aggregated listings data by category

Review listings related to your keywords

How can Category Suggester help me?


Category Suggester is ideal when you are reviewing your current categories, or have new products ready to be listed and you want to check which category is going to be most suitable. The Category Suggester:

  • Provides categorisation for products
  • Provides a level of confidence for products that may be miscategorised
  • Builds out titles from the top 50 listings
  • Saves you time


When should I use Category Suggester?

Daily - Weekly

eBay mandate releases

When your listing titles are less
than 50 characters

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