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Great news! Optiseller Lite is better than ever and still completely free!

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We now offer PayPal payments for Optiseller subscriptions!

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Free eBay Health Check

See where your current listings are matching up to eBay's gold standards – and where there's room for improvement.

Free eBay Health Check

Backup & Recover

Backup your listings data to our secure cloud storage as safe keeping.

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Optiseller API

Providing the power of Optiseller's industry leading data sources

Optiseller API

Scaling with marketplace experts

Scaling both knowledge and success through tailored support

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eBay Data Optimisation Platform

We will guide you through the data optimisation process in 3 easy steps.

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Let Optiseller co-pilot your seller journey

Discover the tools for eBay sellers that will take your store to the next level.

We know you don't have time to analyse, optimise and strategise your eBay listings. So we've done it for you.

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e-Commerce Software Tools
eBay Store Performance Dashboard
Market Research Tools
Discover buyer demand data, top suggested listing categories, competitor data and more!
GS1 GTIN Report
Optimisation Tools
Identify missing item specifics, get useful insights on listings and discover compatibility for parts & accessories.
Duplicate Listings
Compliance Tools
Identify your duplicate listings and Unsold Items to insure you are eBay compliant.
Download Listings
Reporting Tools
Discover your listings' KPIs, compare with GS1 and review analytics to help boost your sales.


e-Commerce Consultancy

The industry experience to drive your goals.
We have the capabilities and experience to support you in your journey to set-up and scale your online business processes from an unbiased viewpoint. We'll point out the areas that can be improved and recommend the right tools and services you can use to drive growth and efficiency.

eBay Store Performance Dashboard
Technology Integrations
We specialise in integrating new technologies with existing applications and working processes.
GS1 GTIN Report
Brand Data Reporting
Get an in-depth view of your brand's marketplace performance and make informed decisions on your online sales strategy.
Duplicate Listings
Listings Optimisation
We help you source, prepare and optimise your listings data for the different marketplaces.
Download Listings
Work closely with dedicated marketplace experts to streamline projects, optimise listings to their fullest potential and increase sales on eBay.
Our world in numbers
Most users see significant improvement in KPIs in the first month of adopting Optiseller.



Total number of products we've analysed since we launched Optiseller in 2016.




Users harnessing the power of Optiseller to drive transformational growth for their business.




Total (and growing) number of listings we review globally every single week across multiple channels.

Leading the way in eBay seller tools and services

Stay confident as you navigate through your seller journey.

No matter what part of the seller journey you're on, we've got the tools and services to help increase conversion rates and skyrocket your growth on eBay.


Case Studies

Helping you sell more and stress less.
One case at a time.

Don't take our word for it.

We're not the only ones that feel this way. See how we helped companies grow their sales on eBay by up to 740%.
Yep, you heard us right, 740%.

Case Studies

What will your story be?
"The Scaling programme has been fantastic, I’ve learnt so much and it has really opened my eyes to a side of eBay that I didn’t know. Optiseller have been extremely helpful, and their tools are so easy to understand, it’s been a great time saver specifically when working on our item specifics and titles. It has helped us in search and our products are performing much better organically."



"Working closely with the Optiseller team to optimise our product listings, it was clear from the start for us that eBay needed to be treated differently to other e-commerce marketplaces we work with. Optiseller explained how eBay algorithms work across product titles, item specifics and categories. Optiseller then provided the support and tools to assist us to easily update these on the platform. These optimisations provided a strong base for our products to be as visible as possible organically. We had noticed an increase in visibility and sales from the above optimisations and cannot thank Optiseller enough for their support."



"Optiseller's recommendations have been game-changing for us. We have seen big results so far and thanks to these improvements, our brand has been featured in the eBay drop-downs, which is invaluable. Our account was below standard in Q1, so we are pushing to match last year’s performance. If we continue at this impressive rate, I have no doubt we can achieve this target."



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