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See where your current listings are matching up to eBay's gold standards – and where there's room for improvement.

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Scaling with marketplace experts

Scaling both knowledge and success through tailored support

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eBay Data Optimisation Platform

We will guide you through the data optimisation process in 3 easy steps.

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Return on Investment Calculator

Discover the ROI you'll achieve using our Aspect Finder+ tool to update your eBay Item Specifics.

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eBay vs Amazon 2022: a comparison of SEO algorithms and e-commerce analysis

A comparison of SEO algorithms and e-commerce analysis

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E-Commerce software tools

Our software tools put you in control of your online store data.
No matter your marketplace of choice, with Optiseller you can:

Manage and optimise your listings

  • Improve, review and update Item Specifics data
  • Check individual listings and eliminate duplicates
  • Enhance the visibility of your marketplace store

Grow your business

  • Monitor your performance from a single dashboard
  • Leverage marketplace and buyer demand data
  • Automate and scale your operations

Comply with marketplace mandates and policies

  • Ensure your listings are and remain compliant
  • Use marketplace policies to your advantage
  • Know what's ahead to stay ahead of the competition
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Our world in numbers
Most users see significant improvement in KPIs in the first month of adopting Optiseller.



Total number of products we've analysed since we launched Optiseller in 2016.




Users harnessing the power of Optiseller to drive transformational growth for their business.




Total (and growing) number of listings we review globally every single week across multiple channels.

Focused on data

Leverage your e-commerce data and sell more online.

In today's competitive marketplace, data insights drive online success. No matter your size, shape or industry, our tools and services enable you to build and grow your e-commerce business through data.

We can help you every step of the way – and match the scale of your ambition.


Consultancy Services

Selling online at a scale can quickly become a complex operation.

At Optiseller we have the capabilities and experience to support you in your journey to set-up and scale your online business processes from an unbiased viewpoint. We'll point out the areas that can be improved and recommend the right tools and services you can use to drive growth and efficiency.

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Technology integrations
We specialise in integrating new technologies with existing applications and working processes.
GS1 GTIN Report
Data connection
We ensure your data is structured and connected in the best possible way to support your business.
Duplicate Listings
We have the skills and expertise to develop custom solutions to suit your specific requirements.
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Listings optimisation
We help you source, prepare and optimise your listings data for the different marketplaces.   

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Technology Integration

Deciding on the right technology stack for your business isn’t easy.

Experts at Integration

At Optiseller we are experts at integrating new technologies with existing applications and working processes. We have worked with some of the largest retailers worldwide to ensure that the different pieces of the puzzle work together in the best possible way, no matter how big the operation.

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Technology Integration Stacks

Some of our Partners

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What our customers say about us
"Aspect Finder+ is a fantastic tool. The new items sold/quantity column is a fantastic addition, and we find the eBay category lookup tool particularly useful for populating our item specifics using Volo. In the first two months of using the tool we noticed that around 100 listings we optimised sold more in 8 weeks than in the 12 previous months."

DIY Car Service Parts


"I'm impressed with the fast results. I worked on the first batch of underperforming listings on a Thursday, and by Friday I had sold 13% of the items, some of which were more than a year old and never had a purchase. The only difference was the Item Specific updates made 24 hours earlier. This service is worth the money and then some!"

Curated Collectables


"Optiseller has made our day-to-day life as eBay sellers much easier. Some of the features of Aspect Finder+, such as the export function enabling bulk work, are very convenient. We have found the Optiseller team to be very responsive and helpful. All in all, what we thought would be a huge task has turned out to be quite easy!"

Laptronix UK


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