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Case study

Arthouse Case Study

By Craig Stephen   
March 14, 2022

Arthouse had been successful on Amazon and wanted to focus on developing their eBay store during 2021. Their listings were not performing on eBay and they struggled with creating listings manually, as well as understanding what was limiting their performance. 

The Optiseller Scaling team worked closely with Arthouse to see where they could optimise their performance, and after just 4 months of working together, Arthouse saw:  

  • 740% increase in overall sales and a 418% increase in units sold 
  • 42% of listings meeting the recommended title length and keyword optimised 
  • 100% increase in the number of completed item specifics 
  • 62% growth in average sales price of listings sold 

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Ormond Howlett, eCommerce Manager for Arthouse said “Optiseller's Scaling service has really helped drive our growth on eBay. New listings are performing so much better than our old ones, and this is certainly in part to the skilled guidance provided by the Optiseller Scaling Team. The knowledge we have gained through Scaling has not just helped us on eBay but has made us optimise our other marketplaces in a similar fashion."

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