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Case study

Beldray Case Study

By Darrah Gallacher   
March 01, 2022

Beldray, the number one UK houseware brand, took part in Optiseller’s three-month Scaling Programme. Their main objective was to optimise listings to increase visibility and conversions. They were fully engaged for the duration of the programme and committed to improving the quality of their store. 

After just 3 months with Optiseller, Beldray saw: 

  • 25% increase in the number of completed item specifics 
  • 10% increase in title length and quality 
  • 10% increase in GTINs across their product listings 

Find out how Optiseller helped Beldray achieve these results in just 3 months. 


How you can see results like these...

  • Populate your Item Specifics 

They help simplify and speed up searching by narrowing down results. They greatly improve the search visibility of your eBay listings, by populating them you reduce the risk of being filtered out of relevant search results. Through providing these Item Specifics, you will naturally turn around any underperforming or stale listings and see vast improvements quickly. Use our Aspect Finder+ tool to see which of your listings have Required, Required Soon, Recommended or Optional Item Specifics, you can select eBay approved aspects from the drop-downs so you can be sure your Item Specifics will generate traffic.  

Aspect Finder+ also has a Bulk Updates feature to save you time when updating a high volume of listings. Bulk updates allow you to update multiple listings at once. Additionally, the Filter Builder Feature allows you to see certain Item Specifics, and drill down to this area to prioritise these first and come back to the rest later. This filter ensures you populate the Item Specifics which will have the highest impact and be most beneficial to your listings.  


  • List in the right Categories 

Did you know that it can be extremely beneficial to have your listings in more than one category if you keep them relevant? Ensure you are listing in the correct categories and sub-categories through the Category Lookup tool. You can search for secondary categories, see the Item Specifics needed for each category, as well as the number of searches and buyer demand data. The buyer demand star indicator gives a 1–5-star rating, indicating the number of eBay customers searching and filtering using this Item Specific. It really is an essential tool for our customers. 


  • Remove Duplicate Listings 

Duplicate Listings can be extremely detrimental to your store and is against eBay policy. It can result in your listings being demoted in search and in some cases, eBay remove the listings completely. Our Duplicate Listing tool can help you highlight any duplicates and get rid of them to ensure you are complying with eBay’s policies quickly and easily. Use the tool to review your listings based on values such as EAN, brand, SKU etc. and then download a list of your duplicates you need to act on. From this, you’ll be able to identify the listings that are negatively impacting store performance and tackle them accordingly. 


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