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Changes are coming: eBay February 2021 mandate

By a contributor   
January 11, 2021

Are you ready?

Changes are coming for eBay sellers in Fashion, Health & Beauty, Baby & Kids, Business, Office & Industrial and more.

eBay has a whole host of new mandates across a variety of categories. eBay sellers will be expected to have revised their listings by 22nd February. Most sellers have come to expect these mandates, occurring once or twice a year in recent years. It can be difficult to understand why extra work is being made for certain categories and not others, but these changes are not for nothing. In a nutshell, the categories affected by the mandates are the ones eBay has identified with popular searches and filters in recent months.  

By filling out these item specifics, you will not only improve customer experience but also your store’s visibility across the marketplace. The category verticals affected are; Men's & Women's Fashion, Health & Beauty, Baby & Kids, Business, Office & Industrial, Home & Garden, Musical Instruments and Sporting Goods. 

The increase in data you provide will ensure your product is found by those searching for it. It will narrow down to the most relevant searches which could well be what you have to offer. 

Putting off these changes will cost you time in the long run. You will have no choice but to input these item specifics when you eventually revise or relist your listings. Take the time now to get your store in order before the deadline to save the added task of doing them as you renew.  

If you are concerned by time constraints, our Aspect Finder+ tool can help you save time. The tool gives you an overview of what item specifics are required, required soon, recommended and additional. This means you can put the work in on those which are essential first before rolling it out to the rest.

Our Aspect Finder+ tool is free for all eBay sellers until 30th September 2021. Get started today!

We hope that this post has been helpful and you feel ready to get started. If you have any further questions, check out our other posts in the series: 

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