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New eBay mandate across several categories with a 12 July deadline

May 12, 2021

Changes are coming for eBay sellers in Antiques & Collectibles, Business & Industrial, Media, and more. 

eBay's latest mandate deadline has been officially announced today. As a result, certain verticals will be expected to populate a number of Item Specifics in their respective categories before the deadline.  

If you are an eBay seller, you need to take action, because your listings’ rankings will fall if you ignore the mandates. Here’s a summary of what’s happening.  

Categories affected 

The categories affected this time around are Business & Industrial; Collectibles; Gift Cards; Home & Garden; Media; Musical Instruments; Parts & Accessories; Sporting Goods; Non-Fungible Tokens 

For many categories, this is a regular occurrence, and the changes won’t come as a surprise to you. However, the mandate will be new for those trading in categories that hadn’t been included in previous announcements. These sellers will need to get up to speed. 

The reasons behind eBay mandates 

At first glance, these changes may seem like extra work with no added benefit. However, the main reason for these mandated changes is that, after monitoring the customer experience, eBay have noticed an influx in searches and filtering for products in the categories outlined above. 

The Item Specifics you are being asked to populate are the ones that most customers are using when searching for items you could be selling. Completing those which are required will help the customer find exactly what they are searching for and filter out any irrelevant listings.  

Item Specifics will also help your listing rank for the relevant searches. Even if your listing fits the needs of the buyer, without the Item Specifics to back this up, your will drop from search results. 

How to go about it  

If you are concerned about how much time completing your Item Specifics will takeOptiseller tools can save you time by automating the process. Aspect Finder+, for example, will give you an overview of what Item Specifics are requiredrequired soonrecommended, and additional. This means you can put the work in for the aspects which are essential first before rolling it out to the rest. 

eBay know Optiseller works - so much so, they are paying for you to use this tool free of charge until 30th September 2021. This gives you plenty of time to get yourself organised before July 12. Get started now! 

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