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Mandated Item Specifics for Parts & Accessories sellers

By a contributor   
June 17, 2021

Parts & Accessories sellers, the latest set of mandates are coming your way. The deadline is fast approaching and as a vertical with so many listings, we know that getting the changes right is a priority for you. Many if not all of you will be familiar with the changes, but for anyone who doesn’t know, eBay mandate changes a few times a year based on trends in customer’s searches and filters. So, while these changes may seem like a pain, in actual fact, they are good news for your store. If you are affected, it means there is traffic coming to listings just like yours.  

Here is a rundown of the changes to help you get started ahead of the 12th July deadline. There are 133 affected categories in the UK. (These examples will all be UK based, however, you will notice the changes are similar across the board, so you can apply this to your store even if you sell outside the UK). 

Here are some of the affected categories and products that you could potentially be selling: 

Category Product
Apparel, Protective Gear & Merchandise  Rain Wear, Socks and Vest Extender 
Car & Truck Parts  Solenoids, Smog/Air Pumps and Gaskets 
RV, Trailer & Camper Parts & Accessories  Doors, Power Generator Parts and Beds & Bed Frames 


Here is a list of the Item Specifics that could potentially affect your listings: 

  • Aspect Ratio 
  • Bolt Pattern 
  • Brand 
  • Colour 
  • Compatible Mattress Size 
  • Department 
  • Fabric Material 
  • Frame Colour 
  • Installation 
  • Item Height 
  • Item Length 
  • Item width 
  • Manufacturer Part Number 
  • Material 
  • Mattress Firmness 
  • Model 
  • MPN 
  • Rim brand 
  • Rim Diameter 
  • Size 
  • Style 
  • Type 
  • Tyre brand 
  • Tyre width 
  • Unit Quantity 

Remember that not all of these will be applicable to all listings, however, there could be a combination of these on a variety of your listings. 

With such a mammoth task on your hands, and the necessity to get it right (we know P&A buyers know their stuff and expect to have all the information available before placing an order), Aspect Finder+ will be the tool you need to get this done right. It is free to all eBay users until 30th September 2021, courtesy of eBay themselves. The handy Buyer Demand Indicator is an additional feature on the Aspect Finder+ tool. The indicator provides you with a rating for Item specifics that buyers are regularly using to filter down their searches. Item Specifics are given a rating of 1-5 stars. This data can help you go beyond what is required, as although something isn’t currently required, it may be worth your while populating them based on the buyer demand rating. 

This is an image of the category lookup tool. 

To dive deeper into this data, we have the category lookup tool. This provides you with the amount of traffic a certain Item Specific has attracted over the last 30 days. It is refreshed every 30 days too, so you can rest assured that this information is always up to date. Seeing the numbers of searches, you could hit just by filling in a certain Item Specific will be the boost of motivation you need! 

Please note that all the category examples are based on UK changes. Generally, these changes are the same internationally, with the exception of France, Italy, and Spain. 

To fully understand how these changes affect you, please contact us. 

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