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It's not too late to make changes

By a contributor   
March 02, 2021

eBay's mandates have been officially in place for over a week and listings with newly required Item Specifics that have not been applied may drop in visibility. Don’t panic if you think this may apply to you. It’s not too late to make the changes. They can be made after the deadline it is just of course preferable and more beneficial to have done beforehand. Fear not, we have a whole blog series on this so you can get up to date with what these changes are and what they mean for you. 

We also have an FAQ video from the head of our Customer Success team, Chris. He answers all of the most asked questions on the mandate. If you’re in a rush you should definitely check this out before you get started 

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of changes, our Aspect Finder+ tool can help you by automating this process for you. Make the most of this tool as it is at your disposal, free of charge courtesy of eBay until 30th September 2021. 

Here are the links to our previous eBay mandate posts:

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